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About the birth of the Church

Archpriest George Matveyev, Rector of the Church of All Saints

Our Kaliningrad child lives among German architecture, he does not know what Russian culture is at all, and therefore the first thought was that the temple should become a kind of preaching of wonderful Russian culture, primarily Russian architecture. And so the temple was built in the style of the 17th century, it is a unique, authentic, one might say, style developed specifically in our country. I tell everyone how it happened: we took squat temples with thick walls from Greece and built wooden temples in the north with tents. And somewhere somewhere in the area of Moscow and Yaroslavl, these two traditions were combined, and stone tent temples turned out. Our church is built of brick, it has thick, meter walls, we do not use any modern materials, because they have an expiration date, and the temples that were built in the 11th – 12th centuries in Novgorod and Pskov still stand; therefore, we simply have thick walls. In appearance, this is the Moscow-Yaroslavl style, tiles are used. They were made to us in Yaroslavl by the famous master Evgeny Tarabin. Unfortunately, he rested, this was his last work. In one church, both polychrome and ant-tiled tiles are used - this is also quite rare. And for the tiles we took a military theme, you will see: around the riders, birds of paradise, which personify the kingdom of heaven. Because we believe that those who gave their lives here on this earth have gained the kingdom of heaven
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Russian victory saved Paris

Archpriest George Matveyev, Rector of the Church of All Saints

Truly seriously, the First World War for the Russian Empire began just in the battle of Gumbinnen - the name Gusev had in the past. On August 20, 1914, Russia accepted the battle. It happened 50 kilometers from Gusev, the balance of power was in favor of the enemy, but the soldiers and officers under the command of General Rennenkampf did what seemed to be impossible: they not only won, but were able to change the course of the war itself. The German army, which attacked France and was about to take Paris, she walked, according to Schlieffen's plan, oblique. Partly frightened, and several corps were recalled from this German army in order to protect East Prussia. As the French and German generals say, these few corps were just not enough to take Paris. That is, in fact, here on this earth, our Russian soldiers defended Paris and France, and this was very important in geopolitical terms: if the Germans took Paris, they would have attacked Russia with all their strength.

Church sketch

Construction process

Church outside

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Archpriest George Matveev

Rector of the Church of All Saints
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Archpriest Andrei Marzayev

Church Priest